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The Social Care Training Hub was founded on the principles of bringing together the best trainers in the UK who specialise in fostering, homes, schools and care. We put them together into one company to provide you with the best training we can.

Quality of training is so important to us, and it will always be at the heart of everything that we do, but, by gaining all of your mandatory training from one provider, you will also benefit. Your time spent organising will be reduced: you can find everything you need in one place. Your time spent collating certificates and handbooks will be reduced: we provide everything you need for your training at the beginning of the course. This means more of your time can be spent learning.

We understand that local authorities don’t always pay on time. To support you with this, we offer all clients 30-day payment terms.

Our face-to-face trainers are the most knowledgeable and skilled within their sector. Our sector specific trainers have a huge benefit on you. Not only will our trainers have a deeper connection with you as the learner, but we use real case studies to enhance your learning. All of our trainers are audited using our referencing procedures to make sure they are of a certain level and standard before they can train other people. Any newly-recruited tutors are shadowed for three sessions by more experienced professionals to ensure that their style of training is friendly, fun, and engaging.
But Wales isn’t London! Which is why we use tutors that are local to the area they’re teaching in. Tutors that provide their own area-specific case studies ensures that they can connect with their students more easily. Only once a tutor has met our intense criteria will they be allowed to begin to teach students.


Due to the diversity and the size of The Hub, our courses are wide and varied, and they include all levels of First Aid, therapeutic therapy and De-escalation. All of our trainers’ expertise is delivered using our interactive and innovative approach, making our courses the best face-to-face learning experience in the UK.

We offer mandatory courses, but we appreciate that a lot of our clients cover these internally. If this is not the case, we can give you access to some of the UK’s excellent trainers and thereby point you in the right direction.

All our courses are nation differentiated and cover the standards and regulations set out by Ofsted, Care Inspectorate Scotland, The Care and Social Services Inspectorate (Wales), or the Care and Training Inspectorate (Northern Ireland). In addition to the above, the majority of our courses are also CPD accredited.

Our consultants are at hand to advise you how to integrate our training into your workforce development.

To discuss your training needs, please send us an email to info@thesocialcaretraininghub.co.uk or contact us on 0800 774 7874

Key benefits of our face to face training:

  • Each trainer is specialised within their chosen subject.
  • Every trainer has their own equipment and presentations.
  • We allow you to bespoke the course and include any of your policies for free.
  • We can reduce your costs and downtime by over 40% because we offer the majority of specialist and mandatory courses.
  • Every face-to-face course is fun and interactive and includes real case studies.
  • The courses are certificated and come with an extensive course-related handbook for each learner.
  • One flat rate with no hidden costs, because we only use local trainers.
  • Flexible payment terms.
Face 2 Face Courses

Not Available Yet!!

We are currently adding all of our face to face courses to the server. While this process is taking place you can access our face to face portfolio at http://thesocialcaretraininghub.co.uk/course

Welsh Courses

We are currently adding all of our Welsh courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

Irish Courses

We are currently adding all of our Irish courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

Scottish Courses

We are currently adding all of our Scottish courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. You must only allocate courses to employee or foster carers to whom are directly registered under your services that are registered via your regulators registration. You cannot allocate courses to non-associated learners.
  2. Payment is strictly within 30 days. The free 30-day credit terms will be withdrawn and the daily charge of £10 per day applied from the day the invoice is generated should payment not be received within 30 days. After 30 days the daily charge is £30 per day. In addition to the charges any discounts will be retracted and the invoice will be recalculated using your default rate which are listed below. These are £50 for online credits and £720 for face to face training.
  3. All purchased credits do not expire. However it is your responsibility to notify us if you would like a credit reimbursing back to your account should a learner not commence training or no longer is with the company.
  4. The free Online courses we offer every 12 weeks can be used without a credit being taken and any learner allocated the course while they are free has unlimited time to complete the course. How ever should you have previously allocated any of the free courses when they where paid courses you will not get a credit back should you take the course back whilst the course is free. Please wait until the course is again a paid course to make sure you receive your credit back.
Our Guarantee To You

We work very hard to keep our courses up to date and relevant. To do this we work with numerous industry professionals within Fostering, Children Homes, Schools and Early Years.

Should you find any of the following issues please let us know immediately:-

  1. General functional error.
  2. Media malfunction within the course.
  3. Incorrect information within the course.
  4. Missing legislation within the course that should be included.

It would be unreasonable to simply follow instructions from this course without the assessment of the specific circumstances and conditions

The Social Care Training Hub will not accept responsibility for any consequences that may result from decisions made upon the basis of information or advice given during this course.

It is important that you follow your organizations Policy and Procedure at all times.

Any errors reported but not rectified within 72 hours we guarantee to give you your full money back.