Online Training

Our online training programme is there for those who might live in remote places, or prefer to self-learn at their own pace.

Having started in 2013 with face-to-face training only, we set ourselves a challenge. We created a Learning Management System (LMS) that has all the great functions required for our clients to effectively manage their training needs and track their progress. However, we wanted to devise a selection of online courses that go beyond those of our competitors. To create our unique online courses, we reached out to specialist trainers and consultants who have a strong reputation within their field.

Each course we offer adheres to the required learning outcomes, as dictated by the regulators across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Within each online course, we provide an extensive, course-related handbook which can be downloaded as many times, at any time. It is there to support the learner in their working day whilst with young people. Hopefully, it something they can rely on and continue to use, even when they’re no longer in training.

It is important to us that you, the learner, can see what you’ve achieved and learnt from our online course. That is why we have a Learning Outcome Review (LOR) which will ask you what you have learnt and how you will implement it in your everyday work.


Below you will discover details of the 4 unique units of each and every Online course we offer:-


The Course

Interactive with a unique blend of games, activity’s, reading & videos delivering all of the core learning.


The Assessment

A simple assessment based on the course to gauge what information has been retained.


The handbook

An extensive course related handbook to download and keep.


Learning Outcome Review

A questionnaire that asks the learner what they have learnt and how will they implement it to their work with the young people in their care.

To discuss how our online e-learning platform works and discover how we can meet your training needs, please send us an email to or contact us on 0800 774 7874

Key benefits of the Online system :

  • The UK largest selection of specialist and mandatory courses.
  • Built specifically for Fostering, Children Homes, Schools & Care Leaving.
  • We are the only UK training provider that gives 2 selected Online courses unlimited and free every 12 weeks.
  • Foundation and advanced courses for all levels.
  • Designed to be easily accessible by all. Each course being fun and interactive with games, activity, reading and videos.
  • No time restrictions on the credits and courses your purchase.
  • Each course is fully certificated and Cpd accredited and comes with a course related extensive handbook.
  • The system is fully self-managed and enables you to track your learners progress and run full reports.
  • Each course comes with an LOR which asks the learner what they have learnt and how they will implement it to their work with young people.
  • 1 credit is 1 course for 1 person. No extra charges for advanced courses.
  • Claim your credits back if a person leaves or no longer requires an allocated course.
  • Flexible payment terms.
Face 2 Face Courses

Not Available Yet!!

We are currently adding all of our face to face courses to the server. While this process is taking place you can access our face to face portfolio at

Welsh Courses

We are currently adding all of our Welsh courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

Irish Courses

We are currently adding all of our Irish courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

Scottish Courses

We are currently adding all of our Scottish courses to the system. In the meantime should you wish to discuss your training needs please contact us on 0800 774 7874.

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This course is a foundation course specifically designed for new learners or as are fresher.

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Terms and Conditions
  1. You must only allocate courses to employee or foster carers to whom are directly registered under your services that are registered via your regulators registration. You cannot allocate courses to non-associated learners.
  2. Payment is strictly within 30 days. The free 30-day credit terms will be withdrawn and the daily charge of £10 per day applied from the day the invoice is generated should payment not be received within 30 days. After 30 days the daily charge is £30 per day. In addition to the charges any discounts will be retracted and the invoice will be recalculated using your default rate which are listed below. These are £50 for online credits and £720 for face to face training.
  3. All purchased credits do not expire. However it is your responsibility to notify us if you would like a credit reimbursing back to your account should a learner not commence training or no longer is with the company.
  4. The free Online courses we offer every 12 weeks can be used without a credit being taken and any learner allocated the course while they are free has unlimited time to complete the course. How ever should you have previously allocated any of the free courses when they where paid courses you will not get a credit back should you take the course back whilst the course is free. Please wait until the course is again a paid course to make sure you receive your credit back.
Our Guarantee To You

We work very hard to keep our courses up to date and relevant. To do this we work with numerous industry professionals within Fostering, Children Homes, Schools and Early Years.

Should you find any of the following issues please let us know immediately:-

  1. General functional error.
  2. Media malfunction within the course.
  3. Incorrect information within the course.
  4. Missing legislation within the course that should be included.

It would be unreasonable to simply follow instructions from this course without the assessment of the specific circumstances and conditions

The Social Care Training Hub will not accept responsibility for any consequences that may result from decisions made upon the basis of information or advice given during this course.

It is important that you follow your organizations Policy and Procedure at all times.

Any errors reported but not rectified within 72 hours we guarantee to give you your full money back.